Journey to $10,000: January Update
Snapchat Marketing with Lauri Rottmayer 2
Snapchat Marketing with Lauri Rottmayer
January 28, 2017
Storytelling on Snapchat with Cammy Murray 6
Storytelling on Snapchat with Cammy Murray
February 2, 2017
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Journey to $10,000: January Update

Journey to $10,000: January Update 9

Each month we publish a post like this showing you how CustomFilterz is progressing as a business and the things we have done to get there.

The reports help us track our progress while hopefully showing others how to grow a side project into a full-time business.

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What happened in January

We expected revenue for January to be less than December because it’s a quiet month for weddings and celebrations.

Although we still manage to generate $3,637 in revenue.


transparent startup income statement custom filterz

The total was quite a way off the goal of $4,000 and resulted in a 44.4% on last months revenue.


january goal transparent startups Copy 4

Sessions were up this to 6,565 compared to 4,192 in December.

It seems as though the content marketing that we have been working on is starting to pay off.

As I will discuss below, some good interviews helped attract more visitors and customers in January.

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This month there were 6 blog posts.

The update, 4 new interviews and a post summing up the best lessons from the Snapchat Influencer Q&A.

The post ‘Everything we learned from interviewing 10 Snapchat influencers‘ did really well on Growth Hackers.

At the time of writing, the post has 4,900 views on Growth Hackers and sent a decent amount of traffic to the site.

Other posts with Kristy Gillentine, Youth On Their Own and Chris Strub talked about a lot of great Snapchat marketing tips and techniques.

Social Media

  • Facebook – 1586 (-4)
  • Twitter – 967 (+15)
  • Instagram – 3138 (+270)
  • Pinterest – 132 (+28)

The Journey So Far

transparent startup journey customfilterz

February Target

As there are only 4 months left until we reach the 12th month of this journey, we need to make a lot of progress next month to reach the goal of $10,000. So the revenue target for February is $5,000.

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Catch up with the journey so far

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