How Snapchat Wedding Filters Are Changing The Big Day
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Journey to $10,000: August Update
September 1, 2016
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September 14, 2016
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How Snapchat Wedding Filters Are Changing The Big Day

How Snapchat Wedding Filters Are Changing The Big Day 5

Snapchat Wedding Filters

While this is a blog post about Snapchat wedding filters, it is important to begin with Pinterest.

Until Pinterest became a mecca for wedding planning most of us were content to rock up to our local church in a fairly standard tux and white wedding dress, expecting the usual – a gold ring, a pink powder puff flower girl and guests in varying degrees of tears. Then Pinterest arrived on the scene and the wedding industry completely exploded.

Suddenly the local church was nothing compared to a charmingly rundown barn lit by fairy lights, wedding cake decoration went beyond anything ever seen before and let’s not even start on the dresses.

To put it into perspective, there are 38 million boards on Pinterest dedicated to weddings, and while a lot of these might be wistful leaps of fantasy (the extent of the groom’s involvement is questionable), there are many people seriously collecting material for a mood board of their big day. The problem that those people are now facing is oversaturation.

How many more images do we have to see of hanging mason jars before it starts to feel a little tired? Or those lovely flower arrangements all begin to look alike? The hired photo booth is a nice touch, but the oversized glasses and wigs are pretty recognisable now.


The Pinterest wedding needs a new facelift before your wedding photos look like they were set on the same stage as everyone else’s.

Finding ways to be different in any walk of life is tough as humans are hard wired towards a pack mentality. Often the cure for this is to start small. Those looking to be original with their dress sense might add some interesting accessories. People wanting a more original bedroom might go for jazzy sheets.

For a wedding there is one small way you can have a big impact on making your day unique – custom Snapchat filters.

Considering the average cost of a wedding in the UK is £20,983, Snapchat filters are a really cheap way to add something fun and unusual to the day.

Back before smart phones were widely available, it was only the wedding photographer who snapped away and captured the event. Now you can see the special day from the point of view of almost any of the guests, just by scrolling through their mobile phone photos.

While grabbing a friend’s phone in order to look through their photos and coo over the bridesmaid’s dresses is one way to do things, there is a more socially accepted method of viewing an event from start to finish – Snapchat.

Popularized by the millennials (but by no means ultimately run by) Snapchat allows its users to share an experience in short bursts. Even better is their ‘story’ feature which captures the essence and emotion of an event from beginning to end.


Snapchat Wedding Filters

Now imagine your wedding day candidly shot, with laughing guests, selfies from the groom’s men and that moment someone’s little kid burst into tears when they dropped their slice of cake. They might be short videos or quick snapshots – with none of the fuss and stiff smiles that you get with wedding photography.

Utilizing Snapchat for a wedding day is actually easier and more effective than most people think. A custom geofilter is a colourful, witty graphic that can be selected to sit on top of any image or video Snapped within a certain location.

A custom made wedding filter might be an illustration that matches your wedding theme, with the words ‘Congratulations Jon and Helen’ emblazoned over the top, or maybe a cute drawing of the bride and groom with ‘J&H Wedding 2016’. The point is it can be whatever you want, and it is completely your own. Way to break that Pinterest wedding mould, eh?

So how do you go about it? If you are the arty type and know your way around design software, then it isn’t difficult at all. All it takes is some imagination and a play around with what would look good, then a review of the guidelines written up by Snapchat (no trademarks, picture only covering a certain percentage of the screen etc.) and finally your submission. The submission itself will also take into account the size of the location you want your filter to be available within and how long for which takes some careful thought.

While Snapchat does have some on-demand templates for those ambitious enough to design their own, you also have the option of getting a professional company to create bespoke Snapchat wedding filters for you.

Custom Filterz works with Snapchat to ensure that their designs always fit the criteria and don’t mimic any other styles that might already be out there. They know what works and what doesn’t – what gets guests engaged and excited to play around with and what falls a little flat.

Audiences at weddings are varied, so the importance of being able to appeal to both Grandma and young nephew is tantamount – get it right and you can have him sitting on her knee playing around with it together (once someone has explained to Granny how to use an iPhone AGAIN, that is).


Ultimately, a custom Snapchat wedding filters is the new photo booth for your big day, but those goofy props that come up time and again are gone, replaced by your own illustration with your own stamp on it. While the Pinterest boards aren’t about to die out, why not take the high road and make your wedding truly original with something that not only benefits the bride and groom, but brings together guests (from both sides of the aisle) to create their own story of the big day.