Journey to $10,000: October Update
Russell Barnard on Snappd and the future of Snapchat 2
Russell Barnard on Snappd and the future of Snapchat
October 21, 2016
How to build your Snapchat audience 1
How to build your Snapchat audience
November 3, 2016
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Journey to $10,000: October Update

Journey to $10,000: October Update 2

Each month we publish a post like this showing you how Custom Filterz is progressing as a business and the things we have done to get there.

The reports help us track our progress while hopefully showing others how to grow a side project into a full time business.


What happened in October

October was our busiest month yet and went really well! The goal for revenue was $2,000 and it’s great to say we managed to reach it.

We had a Halloween special which definitely helped. The test was to see if customers would rather buy a fully custom geofilter or choose from a template and customize the text for a much cheaper price.

We also started to work on some marketing campaigns which we are really excited about!

At the end of the month, $2,084 worth of sales had been made.


This is an increase of 42% compared to September’s revenue, which was a low month of $1,4060.




Traffic increased significantly this month. This is due to some promotions we ran for the Halloween offer.

Last month’s sessions was just 2,066 with 1,676 users so these stats are up around 30% this month.

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There were 7 blog posts published this month which is 1 less than September a way below the target of 13 posts!

Posts included a great interview with Snappd founder Russell Barnard. We also wrote about Snapchat takeovers and marketing influencers.

Social Media

  • Facebook – 1592
  • Twitter – 960
  • Instagram – 2686
  • Pinterest – 35

Goals for next month


Since this month’s goal was reached we will increase next month’s target to $2,250.

It’s only a small increase as one of the reasons we managed to hit $2,000 this month was because of Halloween.

Signing off

October was a steady month, helped by the Halloween promotion.

We started working on some marketing campaigns for a couple of small businesses which I will talk about more in next month’s update. Our initial excitement about geofilters was because of the benefits that targeted campaigns could have for businesses, so it’s great to finally be implementing some!

Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s update ?

If you have any topics or questions that you would like us to cover in next month’s update please leave a comment. We would also appreciate your feedback and any tips that you have to help us grow!

You can also see our progress along with other exciting startups on Transparent Startups.

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