Journey to $10,000: July Update
How Snapchat and Glide are changing the way we communicate 4
How Snapchat and Glide are changing the way we communicate
July 29, 2016
Connecting the World on Snapchat with Ashley Kruempel 2
Connecting the World on Snapchat with Ashley Kruempel
August 5, 2016
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Journey to $10,000: July Update

Journey to $10,000: July Update 4

Each month we publish a post like this showing you how Custom Filterz is progressing as a business and the things we have done to get there.

The reports help us track our progress while showing others how to grow a side project into a full time business.

As this is the first of our monthly updates, there isn’t much to compare the statistics to so this is more of a starting point to build from.


What happened in July

After last months revenue of $675 this month we set the goal of $1,350, double the amount.

It feels amazing to say we managed to surpass the goal and hit $1,425 in revenue!


That’s a 111% increase on June’s revenue!


The month started off well with a steady stream of new orders for the first couple of weeks. Towards the middle of the month, things started to slow down but we recovered by landing a large order from a big client in the last week.

We had some very positive feedback from clients who were more than satisfied with their geofilters.

custom filterz geofilters

Receiving feedback from happy clients makes all the hard work worth it!


custom filterz snapchat


In July we started 2 new blog series to keep the site content fresh. This first series is the one you are reading, Journey to $10,000, and the second is the Snapchat Influencer Q&A.

The Snapchat Influencer Q&A got off to a great start with interesting interviews from Erica Blair on Personal Branding, Justin Wu on Growth Hacking on Snapchat, and Jonathan Caras on How Snapchat is changing the way we communicate.

Our aim is to keep the Influencer Q&A running with new guests weekly. This series will be updated monthly and other topics that we think you may find interesting posted as they come about.

Social Media Followers

  • Facebook – 1612
  • Twitter – 1003
  • Instagram – 2622
  • Pinterest – 42

Social Shares

  • Facebook – 41

What we learnt

Refined our CRM

After trying every CRM with a free trial I could find and not being satisfied, we created our own system using Trello. Trello is an amazingly useful free resource intended to be used for task management. I will go into more details about this in a future post.

As the month went on and we had to deal with more and more clients, we discovered what worked and what didn’t. After experimenting with tools such as Zapier, we have an efficient, streamlined process.

Snapchat’s guidelines are unreliable

On one occasion we submitted a design and it got approved, only to be rejected later as it was promoting drinking alcohol.

The design including a small red cup which is why it was rejected. It would be understandable although some designs that were approved included champagne glasses and wine bottles. So we were shocked to hear that they had an issue with the red cup.

Still experimenting with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads seem like the best form of paid ads for us and we are still A/B testing different designs, CTA’s and offers etc.

Goals for August


The revenue target for August is $1,800. A 26% increase on July’s revenue.

It will be tough as it seems like there is more competition everyday, but I’m confident in our ability.

Cool things we read this month:

How I Lost 170 Million Dollar: My Time as #30 at Facebook
How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia: A Novel
Why I’m going to be patient

Signing off

Thanks for taking the time to read this month’s update 🙂

July was a good start to the series. We hit the revenue target although if we didn’t land the large order towards the end of the month we would have fallen short.

If you have any topics or questions that you would like us to cover in next month’s update please leave a comment. We would also appreciate your feedback and any tips that you have to help us grow!

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