Everything we learned from interviewing 10 Snapchat influencers
Q&A with #ChatSnap host Kristy Gillentine 3
Q&A with #ChatSnap host Kristy Gillentine
January 6, 2017
How Non-Profits can utilize Snapchat Marketing 6
How Non-Profits can utilize Snapchat Marketing
January 13, 2017
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Everything we learned from interviewing 10 Snapchat influencers

Everything we learned from interviewing 10 Snapchat influencers 3

Every week, we interview a Snapchat marketing influencer on how they use the app to grow their business to find out how you can too.

Now there has been 10 of these interviews, it seems like a good time to recap the best tips so far.

So we have rediscovered the best lessons from each interview and put them together below.

Erica Blair: Using Snapchat to grow your personal brand

erica blair snapchat

Erica Blair
Digital Marketer, Digital Nomad

“Snapchat is a platform that takes the common approach to social media marketing and completely flips it on its head, which is why it can seem difficult and counter-intuitive to people just starting out.”

“It’s important to dispel the notion that reach and views are paramount. Applying traditional social media marketing metrics to Snapchat can be very misleading. It’s much more old school and based on everyday average people recommending you to other everyday average people. If you want to expand your reach, it’s important to form quality relationships with others on the platform, engage with their content, and post valuable content yourself.”

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Justin Wu: How to Growth Hack your Snapchat

justin wu growth hack snapchat

Justin Wu
Growth Marketer, Snapchat Influencer

“Snapchat is a strong branding & communication tool. ROI isn’t direct and it takes a lot of work to get it done right. It’s not for every brand or business. It requires a personality and value to add to audiences which weeds a lot of marketers out.

While Snapchat is a very strong platform, don’t forget about others like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Each channel has it’s strengths so you should respect each of them to win.”

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Jonathan Caras: How Snapchat and Glide are changing the way we communicate

jonathan caras snapchat glide

Jonathan Caras
Glide Founder

To grow your Snapchat audience, “understand who your audience that you want to appeal to is and be authentic when u are messaging someone with ur face. It is very important that they get to know you so you should enable that.”

“Snapchat is a great way to build personal relationships with brands and I think that will continue to see more avenues of individuals being able to connect to brands through video messaging and multimedia messaging in general.”

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Ashley Kruempel: Connecting the world on Snapchat

ashley kruempel snapchat

Ashley Kruempel
SoPac Founder

“The way we are communicating is changing, and Snapchat is helping that. Snapchat communication is more community orientated rather than competitive.”

“Cold calling is dead. You need to use warmer techniques and provide value before going for a sale.”

“Major components to growing a successful Snapchat account: Be authentic, relevant and transparent.”

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Leo Horowitz: Inspiring others through Snapchat

leo horowitz snapcode

Leo Horowitz
Motivational Speaker, Snapchat Influencer

“With Facebook being so popular amongst the younger generation I resonate with & businesses capitalizing on the advertising opportunity and it being a complete success. It’s only a matter of time until Snapchat operates in a similar fashion.

Snapchat is used by everyone ranging from 12-30 and even some below or higher than the range listed. The more challenging part about Snapchat is can a business provide relevant material users would want to watch to see what they are offering?”

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Austin Iuliano: Snapchat Marketing and tracking sales

Austin Iuliano
Snapchat Strategist, Influencer and Storyteller

Snapchat as a marketing tool is a 100% must if you are targeting millennials. Also if your business is built on relationships there is nothing stronger out there today.

From a B2B perspective, Snapchat is only topped by Facebook advertising which I think says a lot since it is a much newer tool.

Traffic and sales are easy to measure. Use Bit.ly to measure how many links are being clicked and go to a specific landing page only for Snapchat.

When growing your Snapchat audience, “Collaboration and community are the way to go. Snapchat isn’t about you, it’s about how you get community engaged with what you are doing. Make it interesting and ask them to participate.”

If you want to learn how to market on Snapchat then you should watch the people who are doing it well. Myself inlcuded, so add me!

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Janette Speyer: Snapchat Marketing

janette speyer snapchat

Janette Speyer
HotIceMedia Founder

“I think Snapchat is a crucial marketing tool. There are so many benefits I can’t mention them all here.

For one, it’s the perfect social selling tool. It relies on recommendations from friends and it is a very personal form of communication. Because snaps don’t last too long people are anxious to watch and you are forced to remember.

It also has the benefit of geofilters that are ideal for local businesses. Our business specializes in influencer marketing and Snapchat works wonders for this. You can enlist influencers to help “sell” your products.”

“Follow and engage with as many people as you can and watch their snaps. Try and develop a unique personality. In other words, be you! Snappers like genuine people.”

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Peter Nez: Why Snapchat isn’t just for millennials

peter nez snapchat snapcode

Peter Nez
Keynote Speaker, Author, Live-Streamer

“I think the future of marketing for Snapchat is unlimited, and is only going to get more exposure, and as the platform evolves, so will the reach and discoverability. 150 million users a day is nothing to scoff at, and people my age (I’m 39) tend to have this misperception that Snapchat is still just for kids, and they are dead wrong.”

“Snapchat is a viable marketing tool and I know a lot of people who are leveraging it for their businesses as am I.”

“I have about 7 micro-narrative books published and look to leverage all my platforms for my author business, and Snapchat is one of my favorite.”

Authenticity engages your audience more than video quality or design.”

“Snapchat is a viable marketing tool and should not be scoffed off by older generations.”

Just start, post often and you will learn how to get comfortable in front of the camera and tell your story.”

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Russell Barnard: Snappd and the future of Snapchat


Russell Barnard
Snappd Co-Founder, Story Quest Host

“In terms of Snapchat marketing, I think that the introduction of third party apps such as can help grow audiences and direct them to certain online businesses or services. I can see this growing over time as Snapchat is one of the best places for audience engagement and more people and brands are beginning to view Snapchat as a marketing tool.”

“For someone who is just starting out, they need to have a clear vision of what kind of content they want to create. That doesn’t mean that shouldn’t create content if someone else is doing something similar as chances are their audience would also be interested in what you have to say about that topic as well.

I think it’s also important to enjoy the process – it does take some time to feel comfortable in front of the camera but once you start to enjoy it you can easily make a story from anywhere and that’s when it becomes really powerful.”

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Kristy Gillentine: #ChatSnap and Snapchat marketing

kristy Gillentine snapchat snapcode

Kristy Gillentine
Digital Storyteller, Social Media Consultant, #ChatSnap Host

“One of the best ways to improve your presence and value on Snapchat is to watch others and engage with the content of other people. Take what you see and apply it to your own account.”

What works for someone else may not work for you, but never be afraid to try new things.”

“#ChatSnap is the Twitter chat all about Snapchat. Check it on Wednesdays at 2 pm ET on Twitter.”

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Thanks to everyone who has read and taken part in the Snapchat Influencer Q&A so far. Remember to check back each week for a new interview with a new influencer!