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We Design Custom Snapchat Filters

We launched CustomFilterz shortly after Snapchat announced On-Demand Geofilters were going to be available.

After hearing about snapchat filters, we immediately realized the huge potential they provide for businesses. Our initial excitement was based around how coffee shops and other small businesses could use geofilters to engage with their customers and drive more sales. It seemed like such a cost effective marketing tactic that could reach thousands of Snapchat users in a non-intrusive and fun way. We knew business would love the idea if we could sell it right!

Then we started to think how cool it would be to they were used for weddings and birthday parties and how much fun it would be for the guests. Since that day we have discovered countless other awesome ways to use custom filters.

The problem is that if unless you are a professional graphic designer with technical skills it can be really hard to create an impressive geofilter that your guests and customers want to use.

That’s when we realised that there needs to be a company who create professional quality custom Snapchat filters¬†and Snapchat marketing campaigns and decided that we would be the ones to build it.

If you have any questions about custom Snapchat filters, working with us or anything else, please say hi on the live chat or contact us at [email protected]

We hope you enjoy visiting the CustomFilterz website and would love to work with you some time soon!


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