How to build your Snapchat audience
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Journey to $10,000: October Update
November 1, 2016
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Methods for measuring success on Snapchat
November 10, 2016
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How to build your Snapchat audience

How to build your Snapchat audience 1

By now you have probably got a good grasp of all of the reasons why you should be using Snapchat to reach a wider audience and you now must have the need to build your Snapchat audience.

Whether you have decided to join up for personal reasons, or because you want to ensure you are covering all bases with your business marketing strategy, Snapchat is a great idea.

Right here, You will get to know How to build your Snapchat Audience.


Getting set-up

The first essential step is downloading the app and getting a Snapchat account. By all means have some fun choosing a Snapchat handle, however if you are joining for your company, then bear in mind Snapchat doesn’t have a smart-match feature for searching handles – if they mistype your name, then they won’t find you.

By all means have some fun choosing a Snapchat handle, However if you are joining for your company, then bear in mind Snapchat doesn’t have a smart-match feature for searching handles – if they mistype your name, then they won’t find you.

Choose a name as similar as possible to your company name or your handle on other social networks in order to avoid confusion.

Start Snapping

Once you have an account, you can start Snapping. And this is where you will come up against your very first hurdle – you probably don’t have any audience members to view your snaps.

Snapchat is unique amongst social networks in that it makes it very difficult for users to find relevant accounts to follow. There are no ‘suggested accounts’, no ‘similar accounts’, no ‘feed’ to scroll idly through.

This all combines to make Snapchat a very active and immersive experience for the user, but a very tricky social network for companies to get any traction on. Don’t be disheartened, because while it might be difficult, there are some fool-proof ways to build a following on this platform.

build your snapchat audience

Cross promote yourself

The first thing to do is start promoting yourself through other networks. It is a lot easier to increase your following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the majority of people will have started with these.

If you already have a pretty large audience on the big three networks, then you will be a good position to promote your Snapchat content.

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Use your Snapcode

QR snapcodes are the easiest way to make people aware that you are now on Snapchat.

What are QR snapcodes? Well, they are simple visual codes that you can retrieve through your own profile and save as an image.

Once you have a unique snapcode, a user only has to open their own Snapchat app and take a picture of it in order to follow you. This is an incredibly fast and efficient way to get your name out there. Splash the code all over the internet, in your email signatures, on your website, in profile pictures and blog posts.

If you do nothing else then at least your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have image posts with your snapcode embedded, directing followers to add you.

Scroll down and read more of about the ways to build your Snapchat Audience.

Perfect your content

The next course of action is to perfect your content. What you are posting on Snapchat needs to be taken seriously. Blurry videos with people laughing hysterically isn’t enough to capture a serious following.

The basic rules for producing engaging content is to embrace the story feature. This means crafting meaningful and interesting snaps that follow a linear path.

Make your followers feel compelled to open the next snap and keep watching. Feed their interest and make them excited for what you post every day. Be authentic and real, while staying true to the core values that you or your business operate with.

The key to successful social media is consistency – people have added you because they expect a certain quality of content, so your best bet is to find a pattern that works for you and attracts an audience and go with it.

Arrange an account takeover

The next way thing you can do is use a Snapchat takeover. As you might have guessed, this simply requires you to piggyback onto the following of a more successful Snapchatter by allowing them to take over your account for a specified period of time.

Before, during and after the takeover you should both promote it all over social media and hopefully the end result will be that your following on Snapchat will increase due to these combined efforts.

Make sure the content of the takeover aligns with what you perceive to be your style and vision so that you don’t lose any of your newly acquired audience in the weeks afterwards.

build your snapchat audience

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Hold exclusive competitions

Why not try offering deals and giveaways to followers? Offering opportunities that are unique to the Snapchat platform will draw new users your way in no time. The fear of missing out on something (particularly something free) is always a great hook for customers.

Similarly, the psychological aspect of a timed snap is more likely to induce a feeling of urgency and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

If you make it your mission to have a multitude of offers and deals every few weeks or months, then your audience will keep increasing and people are more likely to view your story in the hope that they might be able to grab something.

If your content on Snapchat is really great, then have a think about ways that you can reuse it. Saving those pictures or videos can provide you with more visuals for other social platforms as well as a chance to drip-feed the best glimpses of what you are doing on Snapchat to your wider audience. Choose the images or videos that seem to get the best responses and highest engagement and post them across your social networks as a teaser for what else they could see if they added you.

Finally, the best way to make sure that everyone knows about your Snapchat handle is simply to make sure it is visible everywhere. Put it in your email signatures, in your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook bios and just add it to more and more posts and a sign-off. No one will find you if they don’t know what you name is, so just let them know!

So, Now you have a whole picture, a whole idea of How to build your Snapchat Audience.
You for sure will thank us.