3D Snapchat Emojis are now available iOS
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April 27, 2016
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3D Snapchat Emojis are now available iOS

3D Snapchat Emojis

Just a few weeks after bringing us the amazing Chat 2.0 update, Snapchat has released yet another amazing feature to the incredibly popular platform. Last week the app released the fascinating futuristic feature, 3D motion-tracking stickers. If you haven’t heard of this feature yet, prepare to have your mind blown.

Basically the new feature allows users to attach emojis to an object in a video. The emoji will then move, rotate and scale in accordance with the object. The update is the first use of augmented reality from a social media platform.



To use 3D stickers on Snapchat, simply take a video as normal and select a sticker. Place your sticker wherever you like and long-press to make it stick. Now the sticker to should follow the object as it moves throughout the video.


So how do 3D stickers on Snapchat work?

Snapchat’s website states that they use “machine vision to recognise distinct objects in a video”, so the app “can track them as they move and keep the stickers in sync”.

The rate at which Snapchat is innovating and updating is extremely impressive. This is latest in a series of updates that helps the platform compete with Facebook. TechCrunch reported that the update comes after Eitan Pilipski, former VP of augment technology company Vuforia was hired by Evan Spiegels team.

3D Snapchat emojis are now available on both Android and iOS devices. They are a great addition to the recent updates that Snapchat has been releasing. We expect more companies and influencers to start using snapchat emojis in more creative ways to engage their followers.